SPOTLIGHTS BARCÚ 2017 is an initiative through which BARCÚ support new artist’s careers by showing their work to more tan 15 thousand people, giving them the opportunity to connect with high end galleries.

Caridad Botella, Philippa Adams and Christopher Paschall will be in charge of selecting the artists that will be part of SPOTLIGHTS BARCÚ 2017.

By participating in SPOTLIGHTS BARCÚ 2017, the artists will be given the opportunity to:

  • Show 1 to 6 works (depending on the format) to more than 15 thousand people in a suitable space that includes logistics, production, security and communication services.
  • Learn how to manage their work and aspects of the arts business -namely language, discounts, customer service and good practices to communicate with buyers and gallery representatives in the context of an international art circuit.
  • Interact with the public directly and obtain their feedback on the emotions conveyed by their work.
  • Get 100% of the sales. BARCÚ does not charge a commission.
  • Be awarded BARCÚ SPOTLIGHTS 2017’s Best Artist.
  • Attend a cocktail along with BARCÚ Fourth Edition’s gallery representatives.



Caridad Botella (Madrid)

Art History Graduate in the Universidad Complutense of Madrid, magister in museology from Reinwardt Academy in Amsterdam and filmic studies at Universiteit van Amsterdam. Has been the Director of the Witzenhausen Gallery of Amsterdam and contributes with several international publications such as Artpulse y Artnexus.

Philippa Adams (London)

Senior Director for Saatchi Gallery, London. Her work is focused on collections, establishing contacts with artists and galleries to make commissions and new acquisitions. Since 1998 she has collaborated with showings and publications, taking them to numerous museums and institutions throughout the world.

Christopher Paschall (Bogota)

Business administrator specialized in marketing and finances, with  wide experience in art projects management. He has participated in more tan 150 projects and 80 national and international fairs. Because of his performance he has managed to bring together artists and known museum collections, institutions and private collections throughout the world. In 2014, he created BARCÚ Art and Culture.